The Itchy and Scratchy show….

Does anyone remember that part of The Simpsons??  ” The Itchy and Scratchy show??  It just came to mind when my client sent me this pics and asked what we could do..

A little back story..  This is Brown Fantasy Quartzite.  One of the most stain resistant quartzite known!  Super strong and super dense.  If we are doing a Brown Fantasy install then we bring an extra guy just to carry it in.  HEAVY HEAVY STUFF.  The one thing you don’t want to do though is CUT ON IT!!  This client cut his tiles that he was applying actually on his brand new counter tops!!!! NO!!  Come on!!  Use an old table or even a mat.  There is nothing we could do in this case.  Polishing it out would just create more of a problem when this is a calibrated stone.  You can’t create unnatural divets in a calibrated piece.  These scores were just too deep. Live and learn people.  LIVE and LEARN.  Do not do what this client did.  Did I mention they only had the new tops for 48 hours.




Even scratched this material is just breathtaking!!!
Even scratched this material is just breathtaking!!!
Just got a little deeper...
Just got a little deeper…
geeezzzz louise...
geeezzzz louise…

Take bricks and break down the defensive wall!!

I had a really REALLY interesting exchange with a client recently and I feel the need to share….

Joe and I meet a TON of people through our normal 9-5 business day.  We befriend most but we still come across a defensive person here and there.  I can’t really blame them since they have been told 8 million different things about stone vs quartz.  They have been taken for a ride by 5 contractors and now they end up in our showroom and group us into the same rig-a-mor-aw <— did i even spell that right??

This particular client came in about 3 weeks ago and recently had lost her husband.  Super super sweet lady.  Reminded me of my husband’s 1st cousin that I just adore!! After I did initial intake, I showed her slabs outside and she LOVED our selections!!  She was just thrilled.  This was her first time getting granite and just couldn’t wait to see the final product.  We ended up back in the showroom and conversed about life for about 2 more hours.  YES I SAID 2 HOURS.  If anyone knows me and sees how I run the showroom I barely have 3 minutes to spare let alone 120 minutes BUT this woman was just amazing.  Full of stories and life experience.  I was eager to listen to all of it.  Unfortunately while she was with me she received news that her best friend had passed.  What a sad moment and I was there that very moment with her.  As she drove off I felt so touched and blessed that Colossus can really impact me as a person and expose me to so many different people and outlooks.

The next week Joe was scheduled to make her template which I was eager for him to meet her.  I sent him to her house with a jar of homemade sauce that we make annually, some supressata, and a bottle of homemade red.  I knew she was going through a lot and thought this would make her feel just a little better.  She was unable to be at the house while the template was made but Joe left the goodies to have her super surprised when she eventually arrived.  She reached out and was just touched to say the least upon receiving the goodies!!

This brings us to the installation day.  If our clients run a credit card the process is done the day before installation.  The card # is called in and verified in our Quickbooks fully secured server.  This client paid with a CC two times previous (initial deposit and the 25% at template) so it was safe to assume that would be the path she would choose.  Since we do not hold CC #’s I reached out twice the day before install to confirm ,most importantly, time of arrival as well as form of final payment.  I did not receive a call or a text back.  HMMM that’s weird.  Knowing the afternoon we had spent chatting and the details we discussed after template I went ahead and still sent the crew to install.  WE NEVER LEAVE THE SHOP WITHOUT ANY CONFIRMATIONS.  I thought it was weird but what’s the worst that can happen right??  I knew she would love her kitchen and of course we get paid.. ALL THE TIME.  Upon arrival she was nervous but eager to meet Joe finally since they had yet to actually meet.  Once everything was carried in and set and installation was fully underway I received a call from her.  HERE IT COMES…..  She opened up with “I guess I will pay you now since I have approved the job and actually like the stone.  I thought you would have switched the material on me or just not showed up so I was not going to process the payment the day before.  I had no plans on paying you even if you did install and it wasn’t up to my liking”.  ME: “What?”  LOL  I have never been so confused. Here I genuinely thought I had met a woman and had a very unique interaction when here she continued to state “after I left the showroom when we initially met I thought this is too good to be true.  They are going to take me for a ride for sure!!”

I think that is just the saddest when someone has such a defense or past scars that they just can’t break through.  The lesson here is to reflect and not let strangers or even close ones pay for past scars put upon yourself.  Joe and I really DO care from start to finish of every project.  I just could not believe how candid she was and how totally opposite she turned out to be from what I initially thought her character showed.  This interchange does not affect me in a bad way though….  I take it again as a learning tool on how to deal with not only the public but with the human nature in general.  You can try to break down defensive walls all day long or deal with a wolf in sheep clothing…. Don’t bend or change for anyone.  If I changed my view point everytime I left a conversation with a person who questioned me or my motives then I WOULD CHANGE and I am happy just the way I am .  None the less she is thrilled with everythng and has reached out yet again to confirm her sentiments.


Just funny how life works.



Easter came and went…now what??

Now what??  NOW WHAT!?!?!


What kind of question is that!!  There is new life brought to this industry during the spring.  Everyone is ready to take a fresh look and a new approach to their living quarters.  Tax refunds are flying in and the general public has pockets burning and screaming to spend it!!  We have been so super busy (which we are so super lucky!!) that I have even neglected my blog!!  This is my platform!  My way to vent and spew and create and I have been just plain exhausted by the end of the day to even sit and empty my brain to all my loyal followers.  Colossus is getting ready to do a complete inner system 360.  It’s all good though of course!!  Through our experience as a married couple running a business we discuss many ways to make the system run smoothly from client intake to installation of final product.  We have a whole new packet being produced now that will help our clients understand even more how our process works.  This is what we are so proud of.  COMPLETE TRANSPARENCY!!  We want to give everyone the option to be apart of their project full circle.  Give it a try….just give us a call and pick our brains….  they are full of ideas and experience.  I dare you.  Seriously.


I’ll be waiting for the call.