Mondaaaaazzzzzzeeeee and THIRSTY granite

IMG_0947 Colonial Ivory

At the desk and ready to make it happen on this brisk chilly Monday. I was driving to work today thinking how liberating it is to work for myself.  I can take my time driving my boys to school, listen to music in the car super loud with no worries of timelines or traffic, and most importantly I get to come to work with my husband and take one step closer to our ultimate plan.  The “PLAN” i will never divulge but knowing there is one is super motivating.

I wanted to touch base on what a THIRSTY granite is since it is hot on my mind from this past Saturdays appts.  We had a client choose a granite called Colonial Ivory which as you can see has a nice fluid movement with cool tones and warm tones married with a nice variation.  It goes great with a silver travertine tile and also a warm bisque tile.  This client had both tile variation in their setting so I can sense they felt defeated before they even started.  I saw the tile and knew right away — BINGO!!  Colonial Ivory is going to be AMAZE in this application!!  It doesn’t hurt that they have a 90 sq ft kitchen a block from the beach with an amazing usage of natural light and a cabinet color that is to die for.  Painted eggshell with a porch swing glaze.  That’s right peeps — I said PORCH SWING glaze!  This is a unique color that is between gray and oyster.  When a client come in the showroom my main objective is to EDUCATE what they are purchasing.  Aesthtics are great but actual hard facts on the rock or surface they choose is what is the most important.  In this case they chose a light granite so the conversation of density is on the table.  Common knowledge in this industry is that with color carries weight and density.  Dark colored stones = DENSE. Medium colors = pretty solid.  Lighter colors = NOT as DENSE.  The science is not on your side if you choose a lighter color BUT with that being said, that is not a red tape warning to move away from light colors!! It is just to digest and understand what you are purchasing this way you know how to maneuver around your stone and enjoy it.  If your buying granite you expect it to hold up over stains, etching, and just plain ole traffic!  We seal the granite when we install the kitchen but you still have the science that is less dense on the lighter stones.  If you have a sweaty glass on the granite you will see a ring under the glass.  If you leave chicken to thaw overnight you will see the outline of condensation.  If you are washing dishes like crazy you will see the flange around the sink completely saturated.  This is OK!!  This is the science just taking the liquid in and it will dry out!!  I will be going over dos and don’ts on another day but for now just know that thirsty granites are not defects or irregulars.  It is purely science and the density.

“The color a granite is the window of it’s density” – Me.





Perfect example of how pictures can be deceiving!!  The top pics of the water saturation were taken at different times.  The water cloth sat on the stone for 15 minutes.  The saturation lasted more than 2 hours.  I came in the next morning and took a pic of the fully dried sample and the all together coloring is off.  It was a different time of the day…hence the difference in natural light.  Look at the full slab shot as well!!  The coloring is so OFF since it was taken indoors at the stone warehouse before it was loaded.

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