Super busy and busier and busiest!

Just Joe and I on Valentine's Day!
Just Joe and I on Valentine’s Day!

My life is so full right now.  Between being a full time working mom and running a household my brim is pouring over!!  My blog had to take a side car to me just being productive with my daily tasks… I needed some time to develop material! LOL

We are heading into the busy season and we are noticing the demographic of our new clients is changing.  We have had a flood of young and excited new home owners getting their dream stones and sparing no expense!  And we have also gained more mature clients who are re-doing their kitchens and picking super high end materials!!  This is so exciting!! This means the “sparkle” is coming back!!  HELLO GENERAL PUBLIC!!!!  NATURAL STONE IS A LUXURY ITEM!!!!  Hopefully the days of “quick and cheap” (this is when someone comes in the shop with only 40% of info we need to give pricing and they demand it cheap and quick) are coming to an end.  America is the breeding ground for free enterprise so there will always be a niche for someone and always a target market.  Joe and I feel like we are heading towards the turning point in the stone business.  There is excitement and creativity flowing.  The new colors being quarried are super vibrant and offering new color palettes.


As we head into TAX SEASON it seems like the tax refunds are being used to enrich lives with upgrading in the most used areas of “ones” home….  either kitchen or the bathroom!






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