We did 9 pieces of WHAT!!!!!!!!!!! #fabricationfriday




This is just too cool not to share!! We recently finished up a penthouse apartment in Rittenhouse at the Barclay building.  It’s public knowledge between the realtor and Colossus that the stone sold the place. The unit wasn’t even finished yet and a potential buyer walked in and became the owner!!!  The kitchen sold it!!  1.7 mILLLLLLLLLion for the unit and the Super White Quartzite 9 piece island was the show stopper!!  It was our creative concept to fabricate and install this long island being that we had to overcome height and length restrictions with the Barclays elevators.  We brought 5 pieces of 3cm Super White and 4 pieces of 3cm Absolute Black to the unit and the magic began.  It took all day but the outcome is so amazing!!  I would love to get into the unit now to see the kitchen complete but the owner has moved in and wants to keep it all to himself!!  I hope he’s not upset that I just unearthed his big secret!! DISCLAIMER TO THE LADIES…If your out and about at ROUGE or PARC and you meet a handsome guys in his 30’s and he’s bragging about his 9 pieces of what not back at his place…..Its his island top!!  LOL  Enjoy the pics!!  It’s Fabrication Friday peeps!!




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