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10 years in the making…….a new chapter begins.

A couple of days ago it dawned on me that I was about to hit my “10 years officially in the stone business” mark.  I was taken back on how long it has seemed but how quick it has gone by.  There are so many memories and experiences that made me who I am today. Do I love my job?  YES! Do I love what i do? YES Is it always peaches and cream and perfection…NO!!  There are some days when I walk into our showroom and feel like anything is possible and positive energy is exuding from the staff, the phones, the clients……then other days I feel like I walk in with a 60 lb. fire fighter uniform on and I’m hosing down every incident from a slab that was forgotten to get strapped and now lays in a million pieces in our yard or a slight calibration difference on a Verde Butterfly slab ,that although falls under the tolerance of what the industry deems acceptable, that was fabricated and installed and now in the same day is getting ripped out because our level told us to do so.

This business can be very lucrative when all the stars align and everyone is on the same page.  Details are everything in the fabrication business.  In this day in age that is what is missing.  Do I miss some major details sometimes..OF COURSE!  I am human and have a heavy work load everyday on my agenda.  It is just learning and moving on and adjusting the pace and the system that doesn’t let it happen again.  You can never assume anything because it can end up being very costly and very stressful.  It took years to grow a shell to the trauma that can occur when you hear a loud BOOM and find out that is was a slab of Asterix that the raw cost is close to $5K and that was the last slab of that lot…not to mention that is was hand-selected 6 months prior specifically for a dream kitchen project that you have been put at the helm of the ship to make sure the expectation is exceeded. All I do is take a deep breath and look at my husband/business partner and say “NOW WHAT?!?!”.  From this I have learned that honesty is key.  If you try to hide the raw facts then it just creates a snowball effect.  I have learned the coping skill needed from my husband who at this point I consider a seasoned vet.  he has seen it all and has overcome a lot.  Without him I would not even be where I am today.  My life took a different path when I met Joe and for that I am grateful.  I have learned so much in the trade of natural stone fabrication but better yet about myself.  I know what I can handle.  I know what I can not handle.  It takes a certain level of patience, understanding, self-reflection with a sprinkle of magic to run a business with your spouse.  We are parents, partners and husband and wife.  If that isn’t a whole other level of team work then please fill me in on what is!!

This is my first attempt at a blog and it feels good to finally do it.  I have talked and talked and talked about doing it but I thought how appropriate to mark my 10 year anniversary at Colossus Granite & Marble with a look inside my life as a really “girly girl” inside a mans world.  Surrounded by males all day at work let alone at home with two sons, I have learned thing or two about the other sex and more importantly about myself.  I am enough girl for 1 house and I am exactly what a male dominated industry needs to add the sparkle to the biz………maybe you would just call it some Mica in the Rough.

Happy New Year everyone!!