Easter came and went…now what??

Now what??  NOW WHAT!?!?!


What kind of question is that!!  There is new life brought to this industry during the spring.  Everyone is ready to take a fresh look and a new approach to their living quarters.  Tax refunds are flying in and the general public has pockets burning and screaming to spend it!!  We have been so super busy (which we are so super lucky!!) that I have even neglected my blog!!  This is my platform!  My way to vent and spew and create and I have been just plain exhausted by the end of the day to even sit and empty my brain to all my loyal followers.  Colossus is getting ready to do a complete inner system 360.  It’s all good though of course!!  Through our experience as a married couple running a business we discuss many ways to make the system run smoothly from client intake to installation of final product.  We have a whole new packet being produced now that will help our clients understand even more how our process works.  This is what we are so proud of.  COMPLETE TRANSPARENCY!!  We want to give everyone the option to be apart of their project full circle.  Give it a try….just give us a call and pick our brains….  they are full of ideas and experience.  I dare you.  Seriously.


I’ll be waiting for the call.



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