GMM sawwwwwww me do it. :O)

IMG_0911This ladies and gents is our 3rd child….  Our GMM saw. This puppy was bought 6 years ago almost to the day BRAND NEW!!  I give all the credit to the saw for me losing the baby weight from our first born!  Between the actual liquid purchase of this machinery to watching the set-up to going through classes on how to operate it to the fullest potential.  STRESSFUL!!  But it is the gift that keeps giving. Yes..of course we have to nurture it but it does give us all the freedom to cut and create and keep this business rolling. This piece of machinery is the epicenter of our location.  If I can hear the saw from the office then I know money is being made.  Maybe on the TBT this week I’ll post the video of me making the first official saw cut at Colossus’ official home for good.  Moving this operation from 3 miles down the road 6 years ago was BEAST!!  Stressful but EXCITING!!  Scary yet invigorating.  More to come peeps…  more to come….




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