#MCM – Mica Crush Mondaaaaaaaays

The weekend was really really relaxing and now I am in the drivers seat once again.  My #MCM is a product called Supreme Surface!!  Yes it sounds corny but this new sealing/conditioning agent is exactly what our clients have been looking for!!  It not only cleans and polishes the stone but it conditions the stone to retain the sealant that is in the compound.  The more your use it the more it repells outer agents that can penetrate the stone surface!  It smells really good and it makes the surface feel silky smooth without any residue!  We recommend using anti-bacterial dish soap to do your initial cleaning and squeegee right into the sink or off the edge.  Then apply the Supreme Surface!  Let the solvent sit for a couple minutes then wipe away with the orange micro fiber cloth that comes in the kit!!  We sell them in the showroom for $20.

Photo on 1-12-15 at 12.05 PM




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