Satisfied customer screen shots peeps!!!


Yep loving it more!!
Yep loving it more!!


Joe and I strive for nothing but smooth sailing and happy customers!!  I always try and open another level of communication with current technology.  If you have an iPhone I can text right from my iPad or iMac.  It is super easy and sometimes when our clients are in class or meetings it is just easier to look at the phone and text back.  Do I like talking on the phone with clients—-OF COURSE!!  60 texts = a 10 minute conversation.  I can sum certain things up in a matter of minutes opposed to feeling like someone is being neglected because I didn’t see their text! It’s a double edge sword…just like everything in life.  I do feel that in this day in age, society in general, is all about convenience.  So we just go with the flow and bend with the times and use our technology at our fingertips.



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